Thursday, 20 April 2017

Music for the Evolution of Consciousness...

 A collection of songs that we feel can assist with the evolution of consciousness. Includes songs that have higher wisdom in their lyrics, songs that are the artist's message to humanity or a specific group of people, and songs with lyrics that were written to inspire, empower, or uplift. 

All songs in this playlist have lyrics. If you feel any song does not belong on this list, please let us know and explain why you think it should be removed. If you know of any other songs that you think should be added to this list, please message them to us via our Facebook page or upload them to our website via the "Submit Music" form in the navigation bar. 

We will review them and then consider adding them to it if they resonate. Thank you.

Music for the Evolution of Consciousness - YouTube

Friday, 14 April 2017

What Can Physics Tell Us About Consciousness?

What Can Physics Tell Us About Consciousness? -- ChrisFields - YouTube

Physics and particularly quantum physics are often invoked in discussions of consciousness.

But what can physics actually tell us?

I will first discuss what physics does not tell us: physics does not provide any criteria with which to distinguish conscious systems from non-conscious systems. As far as physics is concerned, consciousness is like free will - it characterizes
either nothing or everything. Since we are conscious, it is reasonable to regard everything else as conscious, too.

If we make this assumption, the question of interest becomes: what systems
are conscious of what?

Physics is fundamentally a theory of interaction, so it can tell us a lot about this. The first thing it tells us is that being conscious of something requires expending energy. How much energy a system can expend determines how much it can be conscious of. This energy requirement has surprising consequences, some of which I will describe.

Source: Youtube

Thursday, 6 April 2017

You're not irrational, you're just quantum probabilistic... Researchers explain human decision making with physics theory!

You're not irrational, you're just quantum probabilistic: Researchers explain human decision-making with physics theory... 

Joyce Wang - "An a priori and Parameter‐Free Quantum Model for Cognitive Measurement Order Effects"

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